Thai celeb Hi-So Bow caught in love triangle drama: High-profile singer involved

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The name Hi-So Bow has been rapidly gaining popularity, with a surge in people searching to discover who this woman is. She has been recently linked to a high-profile male singer who is currently trending in the news.

The male singer was previously caught up in a love triangle with two women in the entertainment industry, before being spotted getting close to another woman outside of the industry.

Initially, the singer referred to her as a “lovely new friend,” expressing his wish to keep his private life out of the spotlight due to the emotional impact of previous media scrutiny. He stated he wasn’t ready to open up but was happy to have her as a friend.

The woman outside of the industry was later revealed to be Bow, also known as Hi-So Bow. She confirmed in an interview with the media that she had been talking to the singer and had met his parents, but they were still getting to know each other.

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At the time, Hi-So Bow admitted that they were interacting as friends, with the potential for something more in the future. She mentioned that their meetings usually happened during group outings with mutual friends.

When asked whether the singer was courting her, she replied that she wasn’t sure and suggested asking him directly. She described him as being nice and fun to talk with, and they had known each other for several months. However, it felt like the beginning. Regarding concerns about infidelity rumours related to the singer, she wasn’t worried, reported Sanook.

“He has never shown unfaithfulness in front of me, so I’m not afraid. I have my ways of dealing with cheaters. We’ve been seeing each other often lately because we hang out with the same group of friends.

“Everyone is supportive, and my family has no objections. If we ever officially become a couple, I think it would work out. For now, we’re focusing on being friends. We’ve been talking for about four months (at the time), and I’ve gotten to know his friends and family.

“He hasn’t taken me to his house in Chai Nat yet, but he did introduce me to his mother, who is very lovely.”

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