Heroic rider chases hit-and-run pickup in Rayong

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A heroic rider chased down a pickup truck that had hit a parked motorcycle and drove off without stopping. CCTV footage from a gift shop in Rayong captured the incident, earning the rider local admiration and a reward.

Around 1pm yesterday, July 2, CCTV cameras at Praewa Gift Shop on Tessaban Soi 1 Road in Thang Kwian Subdistrict, Klaeng District, Rayong, recorded a pickup truck hitting a parked motorcycle and driving away without stopping. A rider, who witnessed the incident, pursued the pickup, compelling the driver to return and take responsibility. This act of civic duty resonated deeply with the local community.

The footage shows that at approximately 10.42am, the rider, dressed in an orange shirt, was preparing to leave the gift shop. As he moved his motorcycle to the front of the shop, a pickup truck, which was parked nearby, began to move and struck a blue motorcycle parked in front of the shop, causing it to fall.

The rider immediately honked his horn and pursued the offending pickup truck, urging the driver to return and face the consequences of the damage caused. During this time, locals expressed their frustration at the truck driver for not stopping to apologise. Following the incident, shopkeepers and locals announced a search to find the heroic rider and reward him at the gift shop.

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Saipin Hemwirachai, the 59 year old owner of the Praewa Gift Shop, presented a monetary reward to the rider as a token of appreciation for his good citizenship. She praised the rider for his kindness and sense of responsibility, describing him as a good-natured and community-minded individual.

Thanaphon Jitthiang, the 30 year old heroic rider, shared his perspective on the incident. He explained that upon seeing the pickup truck hit the motorcycle, he felt compelled to act, knowing that the motorcycle was likely damaged. He quickly followed the truck and informed the driver about the accident, prompting the driver to return and accept responsibility.

Rider chase

“I saw the pickup truck hit the motorcycle, and I thought there was no way it wouldn’t be damaged. So I chased after the truck to let the driver know he needed to come back and check.”

When asked about his daily life, Thanaphon revealed that he typically works as a delivery rider in the Sam Yan market and also runs a bakery. He mentioned that the gift shop owner gave him a reward, which he then used to buy drinks to share with his fellow riders, reported Sanook.

“The gift shop owner near the Government Savings Bank gave me a token of appreciation. I used it to buy drinks for my friends who are also riders.”

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