Repossessed car suddenly catches fire in northern Thailand

A finance officer experienced a shocking incident when a repossessed car he was towing suddenly caught fire and was completely destroyed by the blaze. The incident occurred yesterday, July 2, at 2.40pm on Mittraphap Road, inbound to Pak Chong, in the Klang Dong area of Nakhon Ratchasima.

An investigator at Klang Dong Police Station, Police Lieutenant Colonel Auaychai Phromwong, received the fire report and coordinated with Si Mamonkol Municipality fire trucks and rescue teams, as well as highway police officers, to inspect the scene.

Upon arrival, officials found a Honda sedan engulfed in flames and smoke. Firefighters quickly deployed foam and water to extinguish the fire, taking approximately 20 minutes to bring it under control. The car was completely destroyed by the blaze.

A representative from a finance company, Rewat Khunnok explained that the vehicle had been repossessed from a customer who defaulted on their loan due to economic hardships. The customer had taken the car to arrange urgent financing but still was unable to continue with the payments. Rewat was tasked with collecting the car from a house in Pa Sak, Klang Dong.

Rewat recounted that after towing the repossessed car for approximately 4 kilometres along Mittraphap Road, the vehicle started to overheat. He stopped briefly before continuing once again, leaving the key in the ignition to maintain the hazard lights.

After towing the vehicle for another 5 kilometres, the car suddenly caught fire. Rewat immediately stopped, unhooked the tow chain, and moved away from the burning vehicle. He suggested that the fire likely resulted from overheating and a subsequent malfunction in the car’s systems.

Lt. Col. Auaychai confirmed that there were no other parties involved and no public property was damaged. The burnt vehicle was promptly removed from the traffic lane to ensure the road was clear for regular use by the public, reported KhaoSod.

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