Bangkok crackdown: Five cops shuffled out as gambling den found

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Bangkok police dismissed five senior officers from Bang Yi Khan Police Station after an illegal gambling den was discovered near a prominent shopping mall in Pin Klao. This action follows an incident yesterday where police, along with Ministry of Interior officials, arrested individuals involved in illegal gambling.

At 8.30pm yesterday, July 2, Deputy Commander of Metropolitan Police Bureau Region 7, Chaiyaphon Aekkul signed an order appointing an investigative committee. The order was issued due to social media reports highlighting the illegal gambling activity.

The arrests were made around 2pm, involving officers from Bang Yi Khan Police Station and officials from the Ministry of Interior. They apprehended several people engaged in unauthorised gambling in a room near the Pata Pin Klao parking area, located in Bang Yi Khan sub-district, Bang Phlat district, Bangkok.

The investigation committee, led by the Deputy Commander of Metropolitan Police Bureau Region 7, Sitthimeswari Siwakup Sri Kruthanon was tasked with thoroughly examining the incident. The committee comprises four other members who will follow the guidelines and procedures set by the police regulations to ensure a comprehensive investigation. The findings will be submitted for further action.

Chaiyaphon also signed another order regarding the reassignment of police officers from Bang Yi Khan Police Station to the Operations Centre of Metropolitan Police Bureau Region 7. This reassignment is to facilitate the investigation and maintain operational efficiency.

The reassigned officers include Chief Payap Sombun, Deputy Chief of Operations Somsak Kerdsang, Deputy Chief of Investigation Chakorn Premruderlert, Investigation Inspector Mangkorn Panthurasri, and Patrol Inspector Banthao Chumplang. The order also appointed replacements for the reassigned officers, reported KhaoSod.

The swift actions by the police aim to ensure accountability and uphold the integrity of law enforcement. The illegal gambling den, hidden in plain sight near a well-known shopping centre has drawn significant attention, prompting a thorough investigation and immediate administrative changes.

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