VIDEO: Phuket police search for 2 gunmen over shooting death of Jimi “Slice” Sandhu

Police are still investigating the shooting of a former “gangster” who had been deported from Canada 6 years ago. 32 year old Indian Jimi “Slice” Sandhu, was gunned down while getting out of his red SUV around 10pm on Friday night in Rawai, Phuket.

He was a former ‘person-of-interest’ for police in British Columbia, Canada, referred to as a “gangster” who was eventually deported from Canada 6 years ago for a range of crimes relating to local gang activities, and “serious criminality.

It was reported that a maid found the man’s body lying next to his vehicle at 6.30am, some 8 hours after 2 gunmen were caught on CCTV camera firing up to 20 shots into the man at close range. Chalong Police are investigating who may have heard the volley of gunshots or been near the scene in the intervening 8 hours before the body was found.

Police reported that the dead Canadian had 2 IDs on him. He held identification for ‘Mandeep Singh’ and ‘Amarjit Singh Sindhu’. But police confirm that it was Indian-born Jimi Sandhu who was the victim of the attack.

Click the link if you want to see the CCTV footage. WARNING: Graphic scenes may offend some viewers.

Sandhu, who the Vancouver Sun report was affiliated with the ‘United Nations’ gang, owned a villa in the beachside resort complex at the southern end of Thailand’s latest island.

The United Nations, the Brothers Keepers and the Red Scorpion gangs are among British Columbia crime gangs that remain locked in an ongoing gang war that has resulted in dozens of murders over recent years. Members of the Brothers Keepers were among a coterie celebrating and commenting on Sandhu’s murder in Phuket on social media posts following the news breaking in Canada on Friday afternoon (Canada time).

One YouTube post on the page ‘6ixAdemiks’ read…

United Nations gangsters #SKIDZ and #SLICE as well as the entire set had a very rough last few days. First off, this is solely a quick recap without any narration; but believe me – I will make episodes about both scenarios. Rest In Paradise Slice, some say the infamous Gary Tattoo (YYC kingpin) played a role in Jimis Homicide in #thailand”

British Columbia police, in response to the story, say they believe it could ignite an escalation of violence in the local gang wars.

VIDEO: Phuket police search for 2 gunmen over shooting death of Jimi “Slice” Sandhu | News by Thaiger

Sandhu was born in India, and moved to Canada at the age of 7 and grew up with relatives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. He had several serious convictions as part of his activities in various gangs and serious assaults. He was also charged with killing the rival Red Scorpion gang leader Matt Campbell in Abbotsford in January 2014. That conviction was lifted a year later.

Following a 2015 immigration hearing, Sandhu was finally deported from Canada and left the country at the start of 2016. He is quoted with fateful words during the immigration hearing…

“I know that path is either go to jail or you die.”

In 2018 he was arrested in India on charges of operating an illicit drug factory manufacturing Ketamine. He has since been travelling across the Middle East and South East Asia ever since. His nickname was ‘Slice’ because of the large scar on his right cheek. It was reported that he was “close” to another United Nations gang member, Karman Grewal , who was gunned down outside Vancouver International Airport last year. No one has yet been charged over that incident.

In a related matter, a close associate of Sandhu was robbed of an “expensive chain” in Dubai during the past week. The person who stole the chain posted a video of the item on social media.

VIDEO: Phuket police search for 2 gunmen over shooting death of Jimi “Slice” Sandhu | News by Thaiger

PHOTO: Jimi “Slice” Sandhu – BC Police


Two gunmen jumped out from bushes and shot and killed a Canadian man at The Beachfront Hotel Phuket in Rawai, a seaside resort town in the far south of Phuket, last night.

Chalong police arrived on the scene at 6.30am this morning and found the victim lying face-down in a pool of blood next to a red SUV with Phuket licence plates. The driver was wearing a white T-shirt with light beige coloured shorts. They report that the resort’s CCTV footage showed the man had earlier pulled up in front of the hotel in his car. The two men then jumped out and shot the victim 10 times until he fell on the ground. Police are now investigating the attack, although it appears to be a professional ‘hit’ given the man’s past activities in Canada.

Police are now searching for a least 2 men in relation to the crime.

The victim has been identified as 32 year old Mandeep Singh (aka Jimi Sandhu and Amarjit Singh Sindhu). He was born in India, but held a Canadian passport.

A cleaner who worked at the resort found Singh’s dead body the next morning. When police searched Singh’s things, they found he had with him a driver’s license of someone named “Amarjit Singh Sindu”, 33. Sandhu was registered as living in Montreal. Police also found 19 bullet casings from the shooting, as well as a small quantity of marijuana inside the car.

Police confirmed that the victim had arrived in Phuket on January 27 and had been staying at the hotel. The body has been moved to Vachira Hospital for a post mortem and the Canadian Embassy contacted.

VIDEO: Phuket police search for 2 gunmen over shooting death of Jimi “Slice” Sandhu | News by Thaiger

VIDEO: Phuket police search for 2 gunmen over shooting death of Jimi “Slice” Sandhu | News by Thaiger

SOURCE: Phuket Hot News | Bangkok Post | Vancouver Sun | YouTube

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