Thai graduation group photo complaint sparks online drama

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A recent graduate expressed frustration over a group photo from a Thai graduation event, blaming the photography studio for not ensuring everyone was posed appropriately. The complaint, posted on Facebook, resulted in an online drama, with many netizens sympathising with the photography studio. Subsequently, the complaint was withdrawn, and an apology was issued to the studio.

Twitter user @RedSkullxxx shared the online drama, which originated from a Facebook post complaining about a group photo taken at an unnamed Thai college graduation ceremony. The complainant was frustrated that some individuals were smiling broadly and not maintaining a serious posture.

The post read…

“I don’t know who to blame, but I’m extremely annoyed. Is it the photo studio’s fault for not checking properly, or the people who don’t know how to behave appropriately? I don’t find it funny, and I believe many others don’t as well.

“Everyone had to take time off, spend money, and ditch work, some even spent tens of thousands on dresses, car rentals, accommodation, and gowns. The studio compensated by providing the files for us to print ourselves. The name of the studio is in the image file, you can contact them yourselves.”

However, after viewing the image, many netizens sided with the studio, pointing out that it’s difficult to control how everyone poses in a group photo, and commending the studio’s professional response. Some questioned why the individuals couldn’t simply stand still for two minutes, reported Sanook.

Following heavy criticism, the original poster deleted the post and posted an apology.

“For the things I posted and went overboard with, I apologise to both the studio and the students. I just wanted to share my perspective, but I admit I was angry and harsh with the studio. The truth is, the students went there willingly. I’ve learnt a lot from this experience, realising that I overreacted and didn’t think thoroughly. I accept all advice and take responsibility.”

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