Girl injured by classmate in Buriram schoolyard seeks justice

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A dispute between parents over a schoolyard incident in Buriram escalated after a fourth-grade girl was kicked in the throat by a male classmate. The 38 year old girl’s mother, Euaengkham, from Isaan Khet, Chaloem Phrakiat district, is demanding justice following the attack that left her daughter with a swollen neck, chest pain, and vomiting, requiring two hospital visits for treatment.

The boy’s parents offered a mere 2,000 baht (US$56) compensation, advising the girl’s family to seek legal action if they desired more.

On February 2, at the close of the school day, 10 year old Petchanaree, nicknamed Nania, returned home in tears. She recounted to her mother that during snack time at around 4.30pm, a boy from her class had requested some of her food.

When she refused, the boy kicked her in the throat. A scuffle ensued, leading to the boy’s shirt tearing and two additional kicks to her neck. Despite medical attention and an overnight hospital stay on Friday and another on Saturday after symptoms persisted, the young girl now requires a neck brace and continues to suffer from vomiting and neck pain, reported Sanook.

The incident was initially addressed by the school, which advised the parents to negotiate privately. However, the boy’s family’s refusal to offer adequate compensation has prompted Euaengkham to file a police report at Chaloem Phrakiat Police Station and reach out to the media for fear of injustice.

The 66 year old boy’s grandfather, Em, admitted his grandson’s actions, stating the boy was upset after his bag was torn during the altercation. While he acknowledged the wrongdoing and attempted to offer compensation, he expressed uncertainty about how to proceed given the girl’s family’s refusal to accept the money.

The school principal has declined to provide further details or allow media access to the school, stating the matter should be resolved between the parents. The girl’s family is now left to navigate the aftermath of the attack and the pursuit of justice for their daughter, who continues to suffer from the incident’s repercussions.

In related news, the topics of school violence and juvenile delinquency have ignited intense debates. Just a week ago, a disturbing incident unfolded at a secondary school, where a Grade 8 student was brutally stabbed by a classmate, resulting in serious injuries.

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