Ghostly encounters add chilling twist to Chaowalit manhunt in Thailand forest

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The manhunt for Chaowalit Thongduang, also known as Sia Paeng, took a chilling turn when a police team, tasked with tracking him down, reported being haunted by a ghost during their mission. The unnerving incident occurred in the dense forest of Ton Tok waterfall area in Trang province, which the team had been using as a base for the operation.

Over 10 police officers from the Trang provincial police force and local villagers yesterday descended from their post on the hill to swap shifts. Those coming down relayed their horrifying experiences of the past two nights. They claimed that their entire group had been haunted by a female ghost while sleeping in the forest.

One officer from the Trang police team revealed that the dense forest was notoriously haunted and that their group was not the first to encounter such paranormal experiences. Consequently, they were forced to sleep near the trees in the haunted forest.

The officer vowed that any future teams assigned to the area would not sleep there due to the terrifying experiences they had endured, reported KhaoSod

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Somporn, or Go Daeng, a 63 year old local villager, relayed a chilling tale of a tragic incident that occurred in the forest in 2533. A woman from Nayong district, who lived with her husband and worked as a rubber tapper near the forest, was found dead after being constricted by a giant python over 5 metres long.

Her hand still clutched the knife she had used to tap rubber, and there were signs of a struggle with the python. Both she and the python were found dead. Since then, no one has dared to tap rubber or stay in the forest, until the police arrived to conduct their operation.

In a more recent incident, a police officer from Ratsada Police Station, Police Sergeant Veerasak Saeho, sustained injuries after his motorcycle hit a rubber tree root and fell over, trapping his leg underneath. He was promptly given first aid and rushed to Palian Hospital for further treatment.

The manhunt for Paeng Na Nod continues, with the police braving not only the dense forest but also the chilling ghostly encounters. These incidents have added an eerie twist to their mission, making their task even more challenging.

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