German wielding knives and axe sparks panic in Phuket

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod English

In a quiet corner of Phuket, chaos erupted as a German national brandished knives and an axe, leaving neighbours and authorities in fear for their lives. The drama unfolded in Soi Naya, Village No. 1, Rawai Subdistrict, Chalong District, where residents were left trembling in their homes.

Police officers from Chalong Police Station rushed to the scene yesterday, April 5, responding to distress calls about the menacing behaviour of the individual, described as a danger to society and the general public.

Upon arrival, the situation escalated as the suspect, identified as Georg, a 64 year old German national, barricaded himself inside his residence, hurling threats and objects at the officers. With tensions soaring, the authorities, aided by various agencies including the Tourist Police and Immigration Division, meticulously planned their approach.

Despite attempts to reason with the assailant, he remained volatile, proclaiming his readiness to engage in a fight to the death, reported KhaoSod English.

In a daring manoeuvre, the police swiftly apprehended the suspect, employing strategic tactics to neutralise the threat.

In related news, a Portuguese woman refused to pay a taxi fare and threatened the female driver with a knife at a hotel in the Rawai neighbourhood of Phuket on Monday. The 35 year old female taxi driver shared a video of the incident on several social media platforms to warn other taxi drivers in the area. In the video, the foreign woman grabbed a knife from a hotel pantry and approached the driver.

In other news, local law enforcement successfully subdued a disoriented man wielding a knife and displaying erratic and aggressive behaviour in Soi Thappraya 12, near Pattaya Park on Sunday, March 24. Initially caught off guard, unprepared municipal officers were swiftly reinforced by a specialised police task force armed with riot control gear. Eyewitnesses recounted tense moments as law enforcement closed in on the man, eventually cornering him in a nearby alley.

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