Thai billionaire’s fortune plummets: Freelance girlfriend accused of fraud, theft

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A 70 year old Thai billionaire accused his freelance prostitute girlfriend of 18 years of fraud and stealing from him after his wealth dwindled from billions to just under 10 million baht. The accusation by the man alleges that his 45 year old female partner tricked him into selling his luxury car and property.

The Thai billionaire reported the case to the police, hoping to reclaim his assets and stating that he was not afraid of any potential criticism.

The man, who first met the woman through a mutual friend, was aware of her work as a freelance prostitute. Initially impressed, he asked her to cease her profession and began to provide for her.

The Thai billionaire bought her a brand-new red BMW and gave her a monthly allowance of 50,000 to 100,000 baht. Throughout their relationship, they never visited her home, instead, they met at malls or hotels.

He also purchased an Audi PT Sport and a Mercedes-Benz for the woman and her father, respectively. Three months into their relationship, the woman claimed her father was sick and needed around 300,000 baht for surgery. The man provided the money for the operation and continued to buy her expensive goods and brand-name items.

After two years, the man became suspicious as the woman never took him to her house, meeting only at shopping centres. He hired someone to follow her and found out she was living in a rented apartment, contradicting her claims of living with her parents. After a year apart, the woman came back to him, and he bought her another BMW.

Wealth depletion

The man admitted that he gave money to the woman regularly, sometimes 1 to 2 million baht or even 10 million baht depending on her requests. Realising that his wealth was depleted, he decided to open a medical equipment distribution company for her to manage, with his children’s help.

However, he grew suspicious once more as she frequently attended parties with another man. The woman persuaded him to sell his supercar, a Bentley, and his luxurious accessories like Bulgari, Cartier, and a Patek Philippe watch worth tens of millions. He has now filed a lawsuit to reclaim about 30 million baht worth of assets from her, reported KhaoSod.

The man confessed that he knows he may face criticism for revealing this fraud accusation story involving his girlfriend, but he does not care after she robbed him. Initially a billionaire, he now has less than 10 million baht left. He hopes to reclaim some of his assets, as he had believed the woman would take care of him in his old age.

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