Former prison warden found guilty of corruption in Thailand

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The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has determined that the former warden of Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Prison is guilty of corruption related to the establishment of a housewives’ group to sell food and drinks within the prison, without the necessary permissions.

NACC’s Provincial Director, Chutarat Luangpermsakul, disclosed that the commission decided the misconduct in public office, specifically accusing Sutin Chidchob during his tenure as the prison warden.

Investigations revealed that between July 2014 and September 2015, Sutin ordered the formation of the Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Prison Housewives’ Club despite no regulations or guidelines permitting such an establishment at the time. The club produced goods for sale in the prison welfare shop without any limits on the quantity and without legal backing.

Moreover, there was no deduction of up to 8% from the sales proceeds to be accounted for as government revenue. The financial management of the club was solely handled by one individual who never shared profits with others listed in the club, indicating that he used the club’s name for personal financial gain as those listed were unaware of the club’s expenses or profits.

The NACC concluded that Sutin Chidchob is criminally liable for abusing his position for personal gain and damaging the state, municipality, or the rightful property owner. He failed to manage or oversee the club’s activities appropriately, which led to personal benefits.

The allegations against Sutin fall under several sections of the Penal Code and align with the amended Organic Act on Counter Corruption (2018), which regulates the prevention and suppression of corruption.

Among the accused officers, one was charged with violation of the Civil Service Act (2008), two others faced the same charges as Sutin, and the welfare shop manager, due to a lack of evidence, was only found guilty on minor disciplinary violations for failing to deduct up to 8% from the sales revenue, as required by government regulations.

The commission has forwarded the investigation reports, evidence, and decisions to the Attorney General to pursue criminal proceedings against Sutin Chidchob and his accomplices, reported KhaoSod.

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