Five dead in Nakhon Phanom road accident

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A road accident claimed the lives of five family members when their Isuzu D-Max pickup truck veered off the road and collided with an electricity pole in Nakhon Phanom province.

The incident, which occurred at 12.30pm yesterday, involved a vehicle carrying six relatives from Amnat Charoen province. The driver, 42 year old Kanchai Sarakun was among the deceased.

The latest developments in this tragedy unfolded at the Wat Thatthi Khun funeral hall in the Na Kae district, where authorities and public health officials facilitated the identification and handover of the deceased to their relatives for funeral rites.

The fatalities included the driver Kanchai Sarakun, his 62 year old mother, Somsri Sarakun, his niece, 16 year old Kanakorn Sarakun, and his aunts, 82 year old Som Jandawong and 77 year old Saen Panichkul. Kanchai’s wife, 42 year old Paichit Boochaphan survived with minor injuries.

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Saen Panichkul’s daughter, 40 year old Piyaporn Panichkul revealed that she had argued with her mother, attempting to dissuade her from the journey due to its length and the fact that her mother was not accustomed to such long-distance travel. Despite the disagreement, her mother had hastily packed and left with the others.

Upon hearing the news of the accident, Piyaporn’s husband, 48 year old Pisit Rinthong quickly gathered some clothes and left with four other relatives from Amnat Charoen to visit the injured at the hospital in Na Kae. While en route, they received a call informing them that Pisit’s mother-in-law and aunt had succumbed to their injuries, reported KhaoSod.

Ambulances from the Petch Kasem Foundation in Amnat Charoen, Yasothon-Pa Tiu, and other foundations from Sakon Nakhon were on hand to transport the bodies to their hometowns for the final farewell.

In related news, a tragic accident occurred on Wednesday at 2.45pm in the Hod district of Chiang Mai when a six-wheeled truck’s brakes reportedly failed, causing it to crash into a procession of revellers. The incident resulted in the death of two individuals and serious injuries to two others.

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