Truck brake failure leads to fatal crash in Chiang Mai

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A tragic accident occurred yesterday at 2.45pm in the Hod district of Chiang Mai when a six-wheeled truck’s brakes reportedly failed, causing it to crash into a procession of revellers. The incident resulted in the death of two individuals and serious injuries to two others.

The procession was part of a traditional ceremony in which participants were enjoying themselves in a parade, carrying a revered Pho tree up the mountain, a ritual known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere. Unexpectedly, the brake failure led to the truck ploughing through the crowd in Ban Bo Luang village, striking the unsuspecting participants.

The police chief of Bo Luang Police Station, Anuphap Chaisiri, was alerted to the mass casualty event by the local health centre in Ban Bo Luang. The initial assessment of the victims identified two in critical condition, classified as red patients, one with less severe injuries, a yellow patient, and one with minor injuries, a green patient.

All four injured individuals were promptly transported to Hod Hospital for emergency care. Despite the efforts to save them, two of the victims succumbed to their injuries following their arrival at the hospital. The remaining injured are currently receiving medical treatment, and their conditions have yet to be updated.

The Thai authorities are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine the exact cause and to establish whether any measures could have been taken to prevent this tragedy, reported KhaoSod.

The truck driver’s responsibility and the mechanical state of the vehicle are central to the ongoing inquiry.

In related news, a 26 year old Thai woman crashed her pickup into a traffic police officer on Highway No. 21 in the central province of Lop Buri on April 16, causing serious injuries to the officer. The accident occurred at Ban Deelang Intersection on Highway No. 21, also known as Saraburi-Lomsak Road, in the Pattana Nikhom district of Lop Buri province.

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