Jackpot joy: Fish farmer reels in 12 million baht lottery win in central Thailand

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A 44 year old fish farm owner in Ban Pong, Ratchaburi, was overjoyed yesterday to receive a cash prize of 12 million baht after his lottery ticket was announced as the first prize winner. Not Lottery Plus, led by Panthawat Nakwisut and a team of over 20 people, arrived at the farm late the previous night to deliver the lottery win prize.

Rabind Sroyseang, who breeds and wholesales beautiful fish, has a dedicated pickup truck, an Isuzu with the license plate BM9202 Ratchaburi, for the transport of these fish.

He regularly bought lottery tickets bearing the number of his vehicle’s license plate, confident that one day it would bring him luck. He purchased tickets both from local vendors and online websites.

His good fortune finally came true, winning the first prize. Rabind attributed this windfall to the good deeds he and his family had done.

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He plans to use the money to pay off debts, expand his business, save for his children’s education, and set aside a portion for charity. Despite the sudden wealth, Rabind and his family intend to continue their normal lives and work routines.

Jackpot joy: Fish farmer reels in 12 million baht lottery win in central Thailand | News by Thaiger
The fish farm owner with her cash prize following her lottery win/ KhaoSod.

Rabind stated that he regularly bought government lottery tickets from Lottery Plus and had noted down Panthawat’s phone number, hoping to receive a call from him on lottery draw days.

Initially, he was unsure about winning the lottery. However, when Panthawat informed him that he had won the first prize with two tickets and received 12 million baht, he was so thrilled that he was speechless and could not eat.

On the other hand, Panthawat expressed that he and his team brought the 12 million baht in cash to hand over to the lucky winner at his home. They wanted the winner to experience the joy of holding the cash prize. He also extended his congratulations to Rabind, the lucky resident of Ban Pong for this lottery win reported KhaoSod.

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