First group of Thai evacuees from Sudan arrive in Bangkok

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A flight carrying 78 Thai nationals departed from Sudan and was scheduled to land in Bangkok at 10pm, according to the air force, marking the arrival of the first group of evacuees returning home since the conflict in the North African country erupted.

Air force spokesman Prapas Sonjaidee stated that an Airbus A340-500 aircraft and two air force C-130s had already transported a total of 82 Thai citizens from Sudan to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Of these, 78 were expected to board the Airbus A340-500 aircraft bound for Thailand, while the remaining four chose to stay in Saudi Arabia with relatives.

Despite being visibly exhausted from their journey, the evacuees maintained high spirits, as reported by Sonjaidee. The flight to Thailand was scheduled to depart at 2pm Thailand time and arrive at Wing 6 in Bangkok’s Don Muang airport around 10pm.

To assist any additional Thai evacuees, the two military aircraft would remain in Jeddah, said Sonjaidee.

Atthapol Sangkavasee, the permanent secretary for education, revealed that a total of approximately 220 Thais, including 150 students, were in Sudan and are undergoing evacuation. Today, two more flights from Jeddah to Thailand will be departing to bring the evacuees home.

Sangkavasee affirmed that the Education Ministry is prepared to support the students in completing their studies in Thailand if they so desire. He noted that the majority of the students were pursuing studies in fields such as medicine, Islamic law, and religion in Sudan, reported Bangkok Post.

As the conflict in Sudan escalates, neighbouring countries and the international community monitor the situation closely. In these trying times, the safe return of Thai evacuees to their home country signifies a glimmer of hope for those directly affected by the turmoil. The Thai government’s continued efforts to evacuate its citizens demonstrate its commitment to the safety and well-being of its people.

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