Final deadline for Thai mobile users to verify SIM cards

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The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) announced that today is the final deadline for mobile phone users with six or more SIM cards to verify their identity to retain their service. Failure to comply will result in the suspension of services such as making calls, sending SMS, and using the Internet.

Trirat Viriyasirikul, acting Secretary-General of the NBTC, stated that the deadline for identity verification for users with six to 100 SIM cards is today. This measure aims to prevent the misuse of mobile services for illegal activities or support of such actions.

The NBTC requests that all users who have registered between six and 100 SIM cards verify their identity through the channels provided by their respective mobile service providers. If users miss this deadline, their SIM cards will be deactivated, rendering them unable to make calls, send SMS, or access the Internet. As of June 30, 1,635,407 users have successfully verified their identities out of the 3,981,251 SIM cards that require verification.

This leaves over 2.3 million SIM cards still needing verification by today to avoid service suspension. Nevertheless, even if the service is suspended, users can have their services reinstated by completing the identity verification process at any time.

The NBTC has outlined that the identity verification process applies to two groups: those with six to 100 SIM cards and those with more than 100 SIM cards. For users with more than 100 SIM cards, the deadline for verification was on February 14. Up to now, 3,914,057 out of 5,078,283 SIM cards in this group have been verified, with the remaining unverified SIM cards already deactivated.

The NBTC’s initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance security and prevent illegal activities facilitated through mobile phone networks. This measure not only serves the purpose of law enforcement but also aims to protect users from potential misuse of their registered SIM cards.

Verification process

The NBTC emphasises the importance of compliance with this regulation and urges all affected users to complete the verification process promptly to avoid any disruption in their mobile services, said Trirat.

“It is crucial for users to understand the significance of this verification process, By ensuring that all SIM cards are registered with verified identities, we can significantly reduce the risk of mobile networks being used for unlawful purposes.”

The NBTC continues to work closely with mobile service providers to streamline the verification process and ensure that users can complete it with ease. For those who have yet to verify their identities, service providers offer multiple channels, including online platforms and physical service centres, to facilitate the process.

This initiative reflects the NBTC’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and security of Thailand’s telecommunications infrastructure. By enforcing strict regulations on SIM card registration, the NBTC aims to create a safer and more secure environment for all mobile phone users in the country.

Mobile users affected by this regulation are encouraged to contact their service providers for further assistance and to complete the verification process as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience. The NBTC will continue to monitor compliance and take necessary actions to ensure that all regulations are upheld.

The NBTC’s efforts highlight the importance of regulatory measures in safeguarding telecommunications services and preventing their exploitation for illegal activities. Users are reminded to stay informed about such regulations and to comply promptly to maintain uninterrupted mobile services, reported Khaosod.

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