Father-in-law shoots son-in-law dead over money dispute

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A Thai man residing in Samut Prakan province shot his son-in-law dead after he grew frustrated that the son-in-law did not return borrowed money.

Police Lieutenant Natthanicha Ruengkwan of Phra Samut Chedi Police Station received a report at 9pm yesterday, January 9, that there was a fatality from a shooting incident at Village No. 4, Nai Khlong Bang Pla Kot Subdistrict, Phra Samut Chedi District.

Upon investigation, officers found a 54 year old man, named Pai, injured inside a bedroom on the second floor of the house. Rescue workers rushed to provide first aid and CPR but it was ineffective and Pai later died at the scene. Examination of the body revealed more than 20 gunshot wounds.

In the adjacent room, 78 year old Pring, was found waiting to surrender. A Thai-made shotgun weapon, placed in front of the bathroom with one shell casing that had been fired was found. Police took that as evidence to the police station for questioning.

Pring revealed to police that he was the father-in-law of the deceased. He is a farmer in Phetchabun province. The gun was bought in Chiang Mai in 1975 for 300 baht to use for self-defence while he was rice farming and buffalo raising.

“I asked a friend to buy the bullets for me about one to two years ago. Around six to seven years ago, my wife passed away. My daughter and Pai invited me to come to this village to help raise the children.

“As for the reason for shooting Pai, last year, my daughter asked to borrow 200,000 baht to give to her husband to use as installments for the van as a down payment to run Grab in the Bangkok area. So Pai used the money from selling rice and the money my daughter gave him.

“I have saved up for a long time. Pai said that he would gradually pay in installments every month, 10,000 baht per month, and had paid more than 60,000 baht, with more than 130,000 baht remaining outstanding.”

No return

Until August of last year, the deceased never paid an installment, claiming the car broke down and had to use the money to pay for car repairs. However, two to three more cars appeared instead, so Pring kept asking Pai to give him the money back but Pai kept stalling him, reported by Channel 3 News.

Pring grew increasingly frustrated that he could not get the money back. When he saw Pai return to his room, Pring followed him with the gun and shot Pai at point-blank range until he lay motionless on the ground.

The police detained Pring and charged him with murder with intent before sending him to the investigating officer for further legal action.

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