Tragic mushroom foray: Fatal elephant attack in Thai forest reserve

Picture courtesy of Prasit Tangprasert.

A fatal elephant attack took place in a national forest reserve located in the Khon Buri district of the northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Unfortunately, a resident was fatally attacked while gathering mushrooms in the forest.

The fatal elephant attack was reported by the Khon Buri police chief investigator, Pasit Jitprasert, and it occurred in the forest east of Ban Sap Charoen, within Moo 11 village in Tambon Khok Krachai of Khon Buri.

Wanlop Amrung, the village chief of Ban Sap Charoen, alerted the police about the incident. Pasit, alongside a team of police, a medic from Khon Buri Hospital and members of a rescue unit, were dispatched to the scene to investigate the situation.

The team discovered the body of 59 years old Sompong Phutjapo from Moo 5 village in tambon Chorakhehin of Khon Buri, beneath a tree. His body bore multiple bruises with several of his ribs fractured, indicative of a potent impact against the tree. Elephant footprints were prominently scattered around the area, reported Bangkok Post.

Relaying his account to the police, Sompong’s son revealed that both of them had ventured into the forest around 5am to search for mushrooms. Around 9am, they stumbled upon a wild elephant and scattered in separate directions.

Unfortunately, while attempting to escape, Sompong collided with a tree as the elephant charged at him from behind. He sustained severe injuries resulting in his immediate death.

His body was subsequently transported to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital for an autopsy.

In February, netizens think it’s a miracle that an elderly Thai lady survived being trampled on by a wild elephant in Prachin Buri province in eastern Thailand.

The victim, 71 year old Winit On-On, aka Grandma Winit, was watering her eucalyptus plants at her home in Phanom Sarakham district when she bent down to pick up her hose. To read more click HERE.

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