European Union praises Thailand’s efforts in migrant workers’ rights

While Thailand is renowned for its beaches, mountains, and smiles, the country doesn’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to labour rights. Earlier this week, Thailand raised its minimum daily wage to 650 baht per day. Anyone who lives here knows that even the new wage is absurdly low, and not enough to live comfortably.

Meanwhile, Thailand is also known to have long hours and poor working conditions for labourers. But could there be a glimmer of hope coming for Thailand’s migrant worker’s rights?

Yesterday, the deputy head of the European Union Delegation to Thailand’s mission said the Thai seafood industry has been aiming to improve life of migrant workers in the industry. A recent report by the International Labour Organisation stated that the Thai Tuna Industry Association and the Thai Frozen Food Association are complying with the Good Labour Practice programme to improve life for migrant workers, and support them through welfare committees.

The programme is an initiative by the ILO and other bodies to ensure the seafood industry stays in line with international labour standards and Thai regulations.

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The report also said the associations have been covering employment-related fees to alleviate the financial burden of migrant workers.

The report recommended, however, that factories arrange breastfeeding rooms and assign job duties appropriate for pregnant women. The permanent secretary of Thailand’s Labour Ministry, Boonchob Suttamanuswong, said the ministry will work with the ILO and other networks to improve Good Labour Practice in Thailand’s seafood industry, and others.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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