Minimum Thai wage up to 650 baht for 16 careers

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The Thai Royal Gazette has now officially announced the increase of the minimum Thai wage for workers in 16 careers, focusing on workers in construction, service and industrial industries. The wage is increased up to 650 baht per day from the former rate of about 313 – 336 baht per day. The policy was launched on June 10 and would be effective within 90 days.

Following the promise to increase the minimum wage that Parang Pracharath used as an election platform during the election campaign in 2019, the Thai Labour Solidarity Committee, State Enterprises Workers’ relations Confederation, and a group of workers handed a letter to the government to request a higher minimum wage of 492 baht per day for the whole country on April 26.

The government “took the topic into consideration” according to an interview given by the Labour Minister, Suhchart Chomklin. Last month, the minister explained that the minimum wage could be increased, but it couldn’t reach 492 baht per day in every area of Thailand. To avoid the impact on related parties, especially the employers, a new rate would be set depending on the cost of living, inflation data and economic status of employers in each area.

The increasing rate for all workers in the country hasn’t been updated yet. However, the Royal Gazette had good news for some workers in 16 specific careers today. Their daily wage will be increased up to 650 baht, but the rate still depended on the area where they work. The 16 careers are…

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  1. 5 careers in the construction industry, including gypsum technicians, computer-aided drawing specialists, wall and floor tilers, building painters, and bricklayers, would be paid from 450 to 650 baht per day.
  2. 4 careers in the handcraft industry, including jewelers, jewelers who process works in the traditional techniques, furniture installers, and nielloware jewelers, would get 430 to 650 baht per day.
  3. 6 careers in the service and hospitality industry, including massage professionals, bakers, receptionists, staff in food and beverage departments of hotels and restaurants, hairstylists for men, hairstylists for women, and elderly caregivers would get 400 to 650 baht per day.

At the end of the announcement, employees will be required to submit tests or any documents which could prove their skills to the employers as soon as possible to claim the new minimum wage.

SOURCE: Dailynews | Royal Thai Gazette

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