Lost and pound: Forgotten banknotes surface during house renovation revelation

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A treasure trove of old banknotes, forgotten by their 90 year old owner, was discovered in a myriad of plastic bags during a house renovation. The elderly woman, Kang, had been living alone in her dilapidated home when her grandchildren began preparations to replace it with a sturdier three-storey structure, leading to this unprecedented banknote discovery.

Kang’s 89 year old sister, Su, insisted on inspecting the contents of the plastic bags before they were discarded, despite their apparent disrepair. To their astonishment, nestled within the bundles of old clothing, were banknotes of varying denominations. The outdated currency, now of little practical use, held great value for collectors.

When questioned about the money, Kang admitted she had forgotten about its existence, suggesting her advancing age had clouded her memory of such past events.

In light of Kang’s revelation, family members decided to thoroughly check every bag and sack in the house. Their diligence paid off when they found more tightly bound bundles of money, revealing the solitary woman had been meticulously saving for years. The total value of the find was estimated at 22 million dong, equivalent to around 32,000 baht, reported Sanook.

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The poignant banknote discovery brought tears to the family members’ eyes when they realised the savings were intended for them, a nest egg for their future home. This heartwarming memory would serve as Kang’s final gift to her loved ones, as she passed away on the afternoon of April 9.

Sudden monetary discoveries have been rampant. In a remarkable twist of fate, an elderly gentleman stumbled upon a hidden fortune concealed beneath his mattress, an accumulation of wealth amassed over numerous years. With collaborative efforts, a team of over 20 individuals joined forces to count the notes, resulting in an astonishing total exceeding 100 million rupiah. Read more HERE.

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