Eco-friendly e-pedicabs revolutionise Vientiane’s transport scene

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In a groundbreaking move towards a greener, quieter Vientiane, the Laos-Vientiane Sustainable Urban Transport Project has unveiled an innovative non-motorised initiative set to transform the city centre.

Spearheaded by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s Department of Transport, the project aims to combat air and noise pollution.

Introducing a novel addition to the bustling streets of Vientiane, the project focuses on creating a non-motorised core area in the heart of the city. At the forefront of this eco-friendly endeavour are the futuristic e-pedicabs, designed to seamlessly ferry commuters from Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations to their city destinations, all without the need for traditional motorised vehicles.

These electronically-assisted pedal vehicles have gained global popularity for their ability to transport multiple passengers while maintaining an eco-conscious profile. Managed by the Urban Transport Management Section (UTMS), these sleek e-pedicabs will efficiently navigate the core area, including the new Transit Mall, promising swift and affordable transportation options for residents and visitors alike.

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Operating from 6am to 10pm daily, the e-pedicabs will be stationed at all BRT stops and parking areas. Priced at an affordable 12,500 kip per kilometre, payments and bookings can be effortlessly made through the user-friendly UTMS smartphone app, reported The Star.

The e-pedicab stands as a central pillar in the Vientiane Sustainable Urban Transport Project’s commitment to fostering efficient and affordable mobility. By alleviating traffic congestion and curbing air and noise pollution, this eco-friendly initiative aims to elevate the quality of life for those residing and working in Vientiane’s core area, ushering in a new era of sustainable urban transport.

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