Drunken father in Sa Kaeo confesses to son’s murder and dumping body in pond

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Yesterday a shocking revelation came to light in Sa Kaeo province when a drunken father confessed to murdering his son. The man, identified as Ponsak, aged 47, revealed that he had killed his 23 year old son, Suesak, who had been missing for several months and had disposed of the body in a pond near his home.

Reports from the local police station at Klong Had in Sa Kaeo revealed that they were notified of the disappearance of Suesak several months before the confession. The case was reported to the provincial police chief, Omsin Bunyanuson, who tasked his deputies, Jaturaphat Singhasatit, Damrong Eiamphiroj, and Jakaphet Phongphai, with leading the investigation.

The breakthrough in the case came when Ponsak, drunk, disclosed to friends that he had killed his son and dumped the body in a pond near their home. This led the police to the pond at around 9.30pm on December 18, located around 50 metres from the house, where they discovered the decomposed remains of the missing young man.

The pond, six metres wide, two metres deep, and twenty metres long, was used to store water for agricultural purposes. The divers found the remains in a state of advanced decomposition, with only fragments of bones, such as arms and legs, still identifiable. The body was covered with a coconut leaf. The skull, however, was not found and a search is planned to drain the entire pond for a thorough investigation.

Ponsak was subsequently taken into custody and during the initial questioning, he confessed to the crime. He revealed that he had killed his son in October by striking him twice in the head with a knife during a heated argument. He added that he had been regularly verbally abused by his son. On the day of the incident, the argument escalated and his son cursed him. In a drunken state, Ponsak grabbed a nearby knife and struck his son, killing him. He then lifted the body onto a tricycle cart, took it to the pond, tied a stone to the body, and dumped it into the water, reported Khao Sod.

Ponsak also claimed that he was haunted by his son’s ghost which prevented him from sleeping in his house. The police have issued an arrest warrant on charges of intentional murder and concealment of a body. The investigation is ongoing.

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