Stable gold prices in Thailand offers secure investment opportunity

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The Gold Traders Association announced today’s gold prices, maintaining the same rates as yesterday. The selling price for gold jewellery is set at 34,050 baht.

The price of gold remains unchanged from yesterday, with the Gold Traders Association revealing the selling price for gold jewellery at 34,050 baht per baht, according to the latest information published on their website at 9.04am.

The price for 96.5% gold bars in Thailand is set at 33,450 baht per baht for buying and 33,550 baht per baht for selling, as announced in the first report. Meanwhile, 96.5% of gold jewellery is bought at 32,851.72 baht per baht and sold at 34,050 baht per baht.

The global gold price (Gold Spot) is at the level of 2,026.50 US dollars per ounce. Here is a summary of the gold prices today, according to the first announcement.

Gold bars:
• Buying: 33,450 baht per baht
• Selling: 33,550 baht per baht

Gold jewellery:
• Buying: 32,851.72 baht per baht
• Selling: 34,050 baht per baht

These rates reflect the stability of gold prices within the market, providing a reliable measure for traders and consumers alike. Despite daily market fluctuations, gold remains a secure investment, with its value often rising during times of economic instability. This consistent pricing suggests a stable market condition, with demand and supply balanced effectively, reported Khaosod.

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In other news, Expressway Traffic Police officers reported a large black bag found on the outbound lane of Chaeng Watthana Road to Pak Kret Police Station, Nonthaburi. The bag, discovered on the expressway, contained a camouflaged backpack filled with various types of ornamental gold, weighing no less than 100 baht. Officers could not immediately identify whether the jewellery was real or fake. You can learn more about this story HERE!

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