Drunk man’s responsible decision to use tow service sparks discussion

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A young man, after heavy drinking, wisely chose not to drive home due to the potential risk of an accident.

Instead, the drunken man opted to call for a Slide service, a tow truck that lifts and transports both the car and its owner back home. This prudent decision has sparked public discussion about the responsible choice to refrain from driving under the influence.

The story was shared by Beer Mechanic Sri Thep, a towing service provider, who posted on his page about picking up a client who was too intoxicated to drive.

“Another one… before bed. Drunk, not driving…going home with Beer Mechanic. Picked up the car from Silathip, delivered to Chokpaibul Sri Thep Company. #ThankYou #SriThepTowing_PetchabunTowing.”

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Accompanying the post was a picture of a black, seven-seater SUV being loaded onto the tow truck.

Beer Mechanic Sri Thep revealed to KhaoSod Online that a client had called to use their tow truck service to be taken home. The car owner had been drinking with friends and was feeling drunk. Not wanting to risk driving home in such a state, he chose to use the tow truck service, reported KhaoSod.

The mechanic’s garage is located in Sri Thep, Phetchabun. On the night of December 14, a client called in to have his car towed home. The mechanic picked up the car from Silathip, Chai Badan, Lopburi and safely delivered it home in Sri Thep, Phetchabun, a neighbouring area approximately 15 kilometres away.

In related news, a new mandate from the National Alcohol Beverage Policy Committee of Thailand stipulated that entertainment venues intending to remain open till 4am must establish sobering-up zones. This initiative aims to deter patrons from driving under the influence of alcohol. The directive, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham Wechayachai, was declared on December 9. Read more about this story HERE.

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