Double rainbow dazzles northeastern Thailand with hopes of good fortune

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

An unusual spectacle of two rainbows at once stirred excitement among the residents of Sisaket, in northeastern Thailand who believe it to be a sign of forthcoming good fortune. The rare phenomenon occurred following a day of continuous heavy rainfall, which had cast a gloomy atmosphere over the area.

As the rain ceased and sunlight pierced through the cloud cover, a beautiful, colourful rainbow appeared, a sight stunning enough on its own. However, this time, the sight was made even more extraordinary as a second rainbow appeared, overlapping the first.

The double rainbows, visible for about 20 minutes, created a mesmerising spectacle that had the locals of Sisaket buzzing with excitement.

After the initial surprise, dark rain clouds gradually obscured both rainbows, with the second one fading first. The first rainbow then disappeared from view as the rain clouds loomed overhead. The simultaneous appearance of two rainbows, an infrequent occurrence, caused quite a stir among the residents of Sisaket.

In many cultures, rainbows are considered a sign of good luck or an omen of good news.

The Khmer people refer to rainbows as Indra’s Bow due to their resemblance to an arching bow across the sky. In Thai and Thai Yai beliefs, pointing a finger at a rainbow may result in the finger becoming rotten. This can be remedied by wiping the hand on one’s bottom, or in some beliefs, by dipping the finger in cow dung.

Somewhere over the rainbow

The Mon people believe that pointing at a rainbow can bring misfortune, although they do not specify the nature of the misfortune.

Similarly, Chinese people believe that pointing at a rainbow, especially one appearing towards the east, can bring bad luck and even cause sores on the pointing hand. They also believe that the appearance of a rainbow typically signals the cessation of rain, reported KhaoSod.

In reality, a rainbow forms a circle, but we usually see only a part of it as the horizon blocks the sun’s rays. Nonetheless, passengers on an aeroplane may have seen a full-circle rainbow spreading over a cloud, with the shadow of the plane at the centre. Some believe that a rainbow descends to drink from a large, wide river when it is thirsty.

A rainbow is one of the most beautiful and remarkable natural phenomena in the world. Its appearance often leaves us staring in awe at its beauty, and many people may feel deeply touched by its spirit. A rainbow occurs when bright light is reflected, refracted, and dispersed in water droplets in the air, resulting in light being separated into a visible spectrum.

Rainbows, with their vibrant and colourful appearance following unsettling weather, are often associated with the notion of joy after a dark time and the belief that good times often follow dark periods. Rainbows are transitory, fleeting phenomena, and this temporary nature often combines with the feelings of wonder and mystery they inspire to associate them with magic and the spiritual world.

In Buddhist beliefs, the rainbow is the second highest state of enlightenment that must be achieved before reaching Nirvana. In this meditative state, all matter transforms into pure light. Rainbows hold deep meanings for many people, both in ancient societies and contemporary ones. While interpretations of seeing a rainbow can vary, they are typically positive.

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