Spooky spectacle: Haunted house in Surin sparks lottery frenzy

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A deserted house in Surin Province, northeastern Thailand, has become the centre of local attention after reports of ghost sightings and supernatural occurrences. Relatives and villagers have been flocking to the house to seek lucky lottery numbers ahead of the upcoming draw.

The house, located at 27, Moo 6, Ban Bueng, Ban Rae Subdistrict, Khwao Sinarin District, has been abandoned for over two years following the death of its last occupant. Despite its deserted state, locals claim to frequently see a man’s spirit wandering the property at night. They believe the ghost is the deceased owner, who had a strong attachment to the house and has not yet moved on.

Recent visits by reporters revealed that the house is a single-story wooden structure with a corrugated iron roof, showing signs of deterioration. Situated at the heart of the village and directly facing a three-way junction, the house still contains all its original furnishings. Fearful of the supernatural, villagers avoid entering or touching any items inside.

In interviews, relatives confirmed the ghost sightings, attributing them to the spirit of the deceased who they believe is still lingering due to his deep attachment to the house. With the lottery draw approaching, these reports have drawn many to the house hoping to obtain lucky numbers.

During a recent ritual at the house, a deceased person’s identification card mysteriously fell to the ground, followed by a pervasive musty odour. Villagers poured white liquor to appease the spirit, causing the smell to dissipate. Strangely, the incense stick used in the ritual fell and pointed towards the deceased’s bedroom. Even after being repositioned, it fell again in the same direction without any physical disturbance, leading the villagers to believe the spirit was trying to communicate.

Chittra Klaokla, the deceased’s 49 year old sister, shared insights about the house’s history. Originally belonging to their grandparents, her brother took over after their grandmother passed away. He was known for his deep attachment to the house, making his sudden death two years ago all the more tragic. She recounted how, during merit-making ceremonies for her brother, sounds of bowls and pots being knocked around could often be heard, adding to the eerie atmosphere.

Shadowy figures

Chittra further explained that shadowy figures are frequently seen in the house at night, which she believes to be her brother’s spirit. One particular incident involved her grandmother informing her of a photograph of her brother being placed in the house, only for Chittra to find nothing upon inspection. However, others claimed to have recently spoken with him, adding to the unnerving experiences.

Despite these occurrences happening even in broad daylight, Chittra believes her brother’s spirit remains in the house, unable to leave due to his attachment. She often dreams of him after performing merit-making rituals, interpreting the dreams and the accompanying sounds as signs that he is aware of their efforts and is still present, reported KhaoSod.

The incense stick during the ritual revealed the number 360, while the house number is 27. Relatives and villagers are planning to use these numbers in the upcoming lottery draw, hoping for a stroke of luck inspired by the supernatural events at the haunted house.

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