Debt woes: Woman found dead in pond in Nong Bua Lamphu

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A 57 year old woman was found dead in a pond in Nong Bua Lamphu province, following a period of severe stress due to her tenants failing to pay three months’ worth of rent. Children playing nearby initially spotted the body floating in the water and alerted adults yesterday.

The deceased, later identified as Sumalee, had expressed to her mother her frustration and desire not to continue living under the current circumstances. She had been leasing property to tenants for over two years at a monthly rate of 3,000 baht, but the payments had recently become inconsistent, accumulating to a debt of around 9,000 baht.

Sumalee’s sister recounted that on the day of the discovery, Sumalee left their home at approximately 3.30pm, telling her mother she was going to a nearby hair salon. When she did not return, her sisters began searching for her. Eventually, they were informed of the tragic discovery in the pond near where Sumalee liked to walk in the evenings.

Local police and rescue workers from Kuson Rescue Nong Bua Lamphu were notified and retrieved Sumalee’s body from the pond, located behind Wat Pho Chai Som Sada temple in Mueang district, for further investigation. The initial examination did not raise any suspicions from the family, who have decided to proceed with funeral rites according to their traditions.

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The children who first came across the body described seeing an object resembling a large sack floating in the water around 5.30pm, which upon closer inspection, was identified as a human corpse, reported KhaoSod.

They quickly reported their discovery to nearby adults, who confirmed the situation and contacted the authorities.

In related news, tension gripped Bo Win Subdistrict, East Pattaya on April 1 when a distressed woman scaled a telephone signal pole in a bid for attention. The woman’s husband disclosed that the incident unfolded after he returned from work in the evening when a dispute arose over financial matters.

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