Taiwan rattled by new 6.3 magnitude quake and aftershocks

Image courtesy of Central News Agency (CNA)

Taiwan has been rattled by continuous tremors as the island experiences yet another earthquake, setting off more than 180 aftershocks that continue into the night. The most powerful quake, measuring a magnitude of 6.3, causes buildings in the capital city of Taipei to tremble violently.

Journalists describe numerous tremors stemming from the earthquake, originating off the east coast of Taiwan. The most intense vibrations, reaching a magnitude of 5.7, are felt even in Taipei, sparking waves of panic among the population.

Despite the intense activity, there have been no reports of damage or fatalities.

The epicentre of the quake, located in the eastern part of the island near the city of Hualien, is the same region that recently suffered a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that claimed 14 lives earlier in the month. This event was followed by several hundred aftershocks.

The Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan states that the initial violent quake occurred at 5.08pm, yesterday, April 22, measuring 5.7 in magnitude. Meanwhile, the most severe quake was recorded at 6.3 magnitude, with multiple subsequent tremors, the two strongest of which occurred around 2.26am today, April 23 at 6.0 magnitude, followed by a 6.3 magnitude quake six minutes later.

The Central Weather Bureau detected smaller tremors continuing throughout the night, occurring every two to three minutes. All these have taken place in Hualien, and since the afternoon of the preceding Monday, there have been approximately 180 quakes, identified as aftershocks from the major earthquake on April 3.

The recent quake has once again shaken Taiwan, with the epicentre located in the eastern part of the island, registering up to a magnitude of 5.7 at its peak.

In similar news, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck off the eastern coast of Taiwan on April 3, prompting the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue emergency contact numbers for Thai nationals in the region.

The quake, which occurred at 7.58am local time, was centred near the city of Hualien, approximately 100 miles from Taipei, and had a depth of 20 kilometres.

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