Lightning bolt strikes during trio’s rain-soaked football match

Some football players claimed they weren't scared of lightning - until it struck! (via KhaoSod)

Three young men, overcome by daring, braved adverse weather to play football, only to face an unexpected lightning strike. The incident took place amidst harsh rains yesterday. A TikTok user shared a post featuring the reckless behaviour of the trio, casually playing amidst a severe rainstorm.

Despite the intense rainfall, they continued to enjoy their game. The individual filming the game for TikTok questioned their lack of fear of possible lightning, considering its grave potential danger, especially during massive rainstorms like this.

With the group playing in a downpour and declaring themselves on social media unafraid of lightning, as a popular Twitter joke format says, “Nature has the opportunity to do the funniest thing right now.”

And nature didn’t miss the chance for irony – the players were hit with a sudden lightning strike.

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The deafening sound startled the threesome, causing them to panic, eyes wide open in shock. They sprinted towards a safe, covered area, clearly dazed and rattled.

This video has gone viral in the online world, drawing massive attention and generating lively discussions throughout the Internet community. Their reckless behaviour against the backdrop of a severe storm drew responses ranging from disbelief, amusement, and concern, to stark criticism.

The video served as an alarming reminder of the very real dangers and unpredictable nature of weather events. Lightning strikes have killed or injured people and cows in Thailand surprisingly frequently.

At the end of June in Chaiyaphum, a sudden bout of lightning killed a 49 year old farmer after it struck the metal buttons on the crotch area of his trousers shocking relatives and onlookers. Just a few days earlier in Khon Kaen, a son seeking his absent mother discovered her lifeless body alongside a friend in a neighbouring hut near their cattle pen after they were struck by lightning.

At the beginning of June, a lightning strike in Kalasin province killed eight cows sparking concerns among local villagers that it may have been caused by supernatural forces. A similar event took place a year ago, when deadly lightning struck a forest during a rain storm in the Bua Yai district of Nakhon Ratchasima, killing seven cows instantly.

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