Shocking twist of fate: Lightning zaps farmer’s trousers, leaving family thunderstruck

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A sudden bout of lightning killed a 49 year old farmer after it struck the metal buttons on the crotch area of his trousers shocking relatives and onlookers. The incident took place in Chaiyaphum province, in the vast area of Huay Yae, where heavy thunderstorms have been reported recently. Witnesses were startled by the sudden turn of events, leaving the community in shock over the incident.

The unfortunate man, Sawat, succumbed to a lightning strike on his farm amidst rainfall. The event unfolded yesterday, sending chills across locals who rushed to assist the stricken man. Despite immediate attention and swift transportation to the hospital, the relentless nature of the incident left no room for any life-saving measures.

The inspection commenced as soon as the news reached the authorities. Villagers and relatives gathered around the body in remembrance and support, providing solace to each other in this time of distress. The body was kept in an elaborate coffin as the villagers watched the proceedings with bated breath, reported KhaoSod.

Lightning strike
Pictures courtesy of KhaoSod.

Sawat’s grieving wife, 44 year old Klintoop, went on to recall the unfortunate series of events.

They were in the middle of tending their farm when she warned him about the approaching storm. As she attempted to find her husband amidst the chaos, a sudden bolt of lightning struck around his trousers region, startling her. The clothes were left in tatters and Sawat collapsed onto the rain-soaked earth. The locals speculate that the lightning was attracted to the metallic button on his trousers.

After the horrifying series of events, their neighbours helped to transport the body to the hospital, however, all efforts were in vain as Sawat had already succumbed to the lightning strike. The investigations were carried out meticulously by the authorities along with the medical personnel of Nong Bua Ra Hhew Hospital. Having concluded the examination, the body was released to his family for conducting the final rites.

In a heartbreaking end to the event, the family chose to fulfil his last rites in accordance with their religion at the Pah Samakkhi Dhamma temple.

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