Covid delays construction of 3 train lines

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The construction of 3 electric train lines has been postponed due to Covid, says the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand governor Pakapong Sirikantaramas, today. The lines are the Orange Line, the Pink Line, and the Yellow Line. Pakapong says the lines were already 4% to 5% ahead of schedule. Now, the project is 2% to 3% slower than scheduled. The governor did not provide additional details on what the percentages translated to in more concrete terms.

The construction had already been coming along slowly because the movement of the workers had been an issue and some of the workers were under quarantine. Pakapong says the delay is due to unforeseeable circumstances and was out of the MRTA’s control. The governor did tell the contractors of the 3 projects to make up for the lost time.

Thai media says the openings of several of the trains might be delayed anyways. They cited the Yellow line’s planned opening that was due to open later this year, which is now scheduled for early or mid next year. The Pink line opening has also been delayed. The disparity between the services being ahead of schedule and the delayed openings was not remarked upon. Previously, the Phuket Light Rail had also faced problems and the development had to be delayed.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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