Comedian Ball Chernyim’s visit to singer’s memorial brings luck

Comedian Ball Chernyim draws lucky numbers at memorial for beloved luk thung folk music icon Phumpuang Duangchan. Picture courtesy of Khaosod

Renowned comedian Ball Chernyim’s recent visit to the memorial of Thailand’s beloved luk thung (folk music) queen, Phumpuang Duangchan, brought unexpected good fortune. Attending the 32nd anniversary of her passing, Ball joined others in paying tribute and seeking luck, and it appears the late singer’s spirit delivered.

During the memorial service, Ball joined Phumpuang’s son, Phet, and other attendees in a ritual to draw lucky numbers. Phet, taking part in the traditional ceremony, drew two slips of paper with the numbers 0, 4, and 5. Ball shared his excitement and optimism on social media, captioning a post with, “Wishing everyone luck, I’ve drawn the numbers for you at Phumpuang Duangchan’s anniversary event.”

The winning numbers were announced yesterday, and to the delight of many, 0, 4, and 5 were among the drawn numbers. Ball Chernyim, visibly thrilled by the outcome, took to social media again to share his astonishment.

He posted a photo from his visit on June 13, expressing gratitude, “Okay, how about that? I was sincere, really. Thank you, Mother Phumpuang. The real deal, the genuine article. Who else followed 045 that I drew? I went on June 13 with a heartfelt desire. Thank you so much, Mother Phumpuang.”

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In addition to his social media posts, Ball shared a clip from June 14 where he is seen drawing the lucky numbers. He urged those who won to donate a portion of their winnings in honour of Phumpuang Duangchan. Ball himself committed to using his winnings for a noble cause.

“I posted it earlier; you can watch the clip. For those who won, please make merit for Mother Phumpuang. I will use my money to fund Toon Thai Duen Len’s ordination, dedicating the merit to Mother Phumpuang Duangchan.”

Luk thung legacy

The event not only brought joy to Ball Chernyim but also connected fans and followers to the legacy of Phumpuang, whose influence on luk thung music remains profound. Her ability to bring luck even decades after her passing is a testament to the deep respect and love people hold for her.

Phumpuang, who passed away 32 years ago, continues to be a significant figure in Thai culture. Her songs and contributions to luk thung music have left an indelible mark, and her memorials draw dedicated fans and followers each year.

The recent events, underscored by Ball Chernyim’s experience, highlight the enduring connection between the late singer and those who admire her.

For Ball Chernyim, this experience was not just about winning but also the shared cultural heritage and collective memory of a music icon.

His actions and dedication to using his winnings for a good cause reflect the communal spirit Phumpuang Duangchan inspired in her lifetime and beyond.

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