Chuvit Kamolvisit continues crusade despite liver cancer

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Chuvit Kamolvisit has publicly disclosed the severity of his ongoing battle against stage 3 liver cancer. Despite the prognosis, he pledged to utilise his time remaining to illuminate wide-ranging societal quandaries courageously.

Chuvit, a former magnate in the massage parlour industry, unveiled his grave health condition ahead of a press conference he hosted on Thursday. The conference was organised to elaborate on the alleged governance issues pertaining to the real estate giant Sansiri, under the earlier stewardship of his one-time CEO, Srettha Thavisin. Srettha is currently vying for the position of prime minister under the Pheu Thai Party‘s banner.

The disclosure regarding Chuvit’s serious health struggle surfaced on a programme hosted via Youtube and Facebook channels, presented by the acclaimed broadcaster Sorrayuth Suthassanachinda.

” I probably do not have much time to live because I have stage 3 liver cancer that has nearly developed to stage 4, which is the final stage,” he stated. This advanced stage signifies the cancerous spread to other organs or parts of the body. In spite of this, he revealed that he’s currently under a regimen of chemotherapy treatments.

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Several individuals have suggested to Chuvit he take a hiatus to concentrate on his health. Still, he expressed satisfaction with his present course.

“ I enjoy what I’m doing. I do it with passion. It is my pleasure to tell people what I’ve learned and to reveal the truth that some people dare not say. The truth that people do not know. When I talk, I release my tension. I feel free,” said Chuvit.

As somebody who is not shy of controversy, Chuvit made headlines last November when he blew the whistle on dubious Chinese enterprises. His revelations encompassed a criminal organisation associated with Chaiyanat “Tuhao” Kornchayanant, pubs managed by Chinese crime syndicates supplying narcotics to Chinese clientele, and rampant online betting platforms and gambling hotspots within the capital.

His latest crusade is focused on profiling alleged discrepancies involving Srettha’s role, whom Chuvit posits assisted 12 landowners in circumventing taxes amounting to 521 million baht. This was centred around Sansiri’s procurement of a prime 400-square-wah land parcel situated on Sarasin Road, Bangkok. (Note that one square wah equates to four square metres.)

Sansiri, on its part, has categorically denied these allegations. The firm issued a statement clarifying that the seller bears full responsibility to manage the settlement of taxes and transfer of ownership fees subsequent to a land sale. The company insisted that its obligation is solely to fulfil payment at the agreed-upon rates and effectuate the transfer of land ownership, reports Bangkok Post.

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