Lottery prediction teller holds Chinese feast for spirits in Chon Buri

PHOTO: Sanook.

Last night at 7pm, a Chinese feast was held by a well-known lottery prediction teller and a generous teacher at the Tri Khun Tham Cemetery in Nong Rhee, Chon Buri Province. They served 200 tables of food for the spirits, and many locals also arrived to collect leftover food and drinks.

The event took place with the participation of the renowned lottery fortune teller, Pirada Boonnee Borompu, and the teacher Kanoem Tien. The generous individuals organised the feast as a way to make merit and to provide for spirits who had no relatives. A total of 200 tables were set up for the spirits, and after the ritual was completed, numerous people who had heard about the event came to gather the remaining food and beverages.

During the event, the fortune teller shared her prediction for the upcoming draw. She recommended the number combination 594, but jokingly warned the attendees that they shouldn’t blame her if they didn’t win. Kanoem Tien agreed and reminded the public to play the lottery responsibly.

Further, during an interview, Kanoem mentioned that the funding for the 200-table feast came from a friend who had recently won 24 million baht in the lottery, having won first-place prizes from one to four. This friend entrusted Kanoem with the money specifically to make merit and organise the grand event.

In related news, two albino eels caught within two days by a sausage seller have captured the attention of residents, who believe the eels are bringing good fortune. The fortunate fisherman also found lottery success in the last draw. He discovered an albino eel while fishing in a rice field close to Mahathai School. He decided to keep the eel as a lucky charm. Yesterday, the lucky fisherman returned to the same spot and caught another albino eel Read ore about the story HERE and many other weird and interesting Thai lottery prediction stories HERE.

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