Chilling chase forces Thai man to leap into canal, still missing

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A 25 year old man faced a chilling ordeal as he was chased by a man masquerading as a police officer, causing him to jump into the Mamuang Song Ton Canal in the Nakhon Si Thammarat province. The chase left him terrified, and he has been missing since the incident. The pursuer, who disappeared without offering any assistance, left only a wrecked motorcycle behind.

Upon discovering the chase, Peerapong, who was sitting by the canal, panicked and jumped into the water. Despite being a capable swimmer, he was swept away by the strong currents. His friend, who was with him at the time, revealed that a group of men had suddenly appeared and caused them to flee in fear, thinking they were law enforcement officers. The friend managed to escape to the other side of the canal, but upon returning, he found Peerapong’s motorcycle destroyed.

“It was a group of men who appeared suddenly. They slashed the seat, cut the brake lines, and smashed the speedometer. I don’t know why they were so angry,” the friend said.

Peerapong’s mother stated that while some people claimed that the men were law enforcement officers, she doubted this as Peerapong and his friends gathered to chat and drink kratom tea during their free time. They may have smoked marijuana, but she was certain that they were not involved with any other drugs, reported KhaoSod.

Meanwhile, the search for Peerapong continues, with rescue teams conducting an extensive search in the Mamuang Song Ton Canal, which flows into the city of Nakhon Si Thammarat. However, the strong currents present a significant challenge. As of the afternoon of yesterday, there has been no success, and the search was resumed on the morning of the next day.

The incident has caused distress among the local community, questioning why any law enforcement officer would abandon someone in danger and resort to damaging property. The search for Peerapong continues as the local community and rescue teams hope for his safe return.

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