Young man tragically crushed under reversing tractor in Thai village

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A tragic accident took place at 9amt today in the village of Kok Pheg, Buri Ram, where a 22 year old man was run over by a reversing tractor. The deceased was preparing the vehicle to plough a sugarcane field when the incident occurred. The young man’s 13 year old brother, who was assisting him, witnessed the horrifying event.

At the scene, authorities discovered a green tractor parked on the dirt ground of Kok Pheg village. The body of Sirichai was found at the rear of the vehicle, crushed by the machine’s rotary tiller. The force was such that his neck broke, causing his immediate death.

The victim’s younger brother, known as A (name assumed), told investigators that Sirichai was a farm worker who operated tractors for the elderly villagers. This morning, he was getting the tractor ready to till a sugarcane field. The young boy, who was not at school that day, decided to help his older brother.

He further explained that while his brother was attaching the rotary tiller, the tractor unexpectedly began reversing, causing the tiller to roll over Sirichai. The young boy was deeply shocked and tried to help his brother, but his efforts were in vain. He cried out for assistance, and several villagers rushed to aid, but it was too late for Sirichai, reported KhaoSod.

The victim’s 25 year old sister, Suphawinee (surname withheld), arrived at the scene in tears. She explained that she had always discouraged her brother from driving such vehicles due to his lack of experience. However, Sirichai insisted he knew how to handle the machinery, as he had learned it from watching YouTube videos. Despite her numerous warnings, her brother did not listen, leading to this tragic incident.

Kamchai (surname withheld), a 50 year old villager who owned the tractor, said Sirichai had been working for him for about two years. In the past, Sirichai had managed to change the rotary tiller and plough without any issues. Kamchai was shocked to hear of the fatal accident, expressing his deep sorrow for the hardworking young man’s untimely death.

The deceased’s grandfather, Boonlert (surname withheld), expressed his grief, stating that his grandson was a diligent worker who had been driving tractors and other agricultural vehicles for several years. He had planned to become a monk next year to fulfil his duty to his parents, but his life was unfortunately cut short. Despite the tragedy, the family understood it was an accident and did not bear any grudges over Sirichai’s death.

After the post-mortem examination, the police handed over Sirichai’s body to his family for funeral rites according to their tradition.

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