Chao Phraya embankment collapse puts Bang Kruai district at risk

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Panic struck the Bang Kruai district when a significant section of the Chao Phraya River embankment collapsed, extending over 70 metres in length. A local Member of Parliament, along with relevant officials, surveyed the damage, urging residents to steer clear of the area due to the ongoing risk.

At 10am today, Anusorn Kaewwichian, a representative of the Move Forward Party from Nonthaburi Province constituency 3, along with officials, inspected the embankment along the Chao Phraya River in the Bang Kruai district of Nonthaburi. The inspection followed complaints from locals about the embankment, designed to serve as a barrier against the river waves, which had collapsed throughout more than 70 metres.

The investigation revealed that the embankment’s collapse began near the Bang Kruai canal drainage gate and extended to certain areas where the embankment had become completely severed. In some sections, gravel had been placed to reinforce the embankment.

The project, originally constructed in 2009, was undertaken by the Nonthaburi Irrigation Department to improve the drainage gate’s infrastructure and the Bang Kruai canal pumping station.

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Anusorn reported that the incident occurred around 8pm last night, prompting him to send his assistant to oversee the situation. Upon his inspection in the morning, he confirmed the substantial damage.

The embankment was further supported by a construction project initiated by the Irrigation Department, which involved backfilling with mixed stones to protect the riverbank. However, the cause of the current collapse remains unknown, which has resulted in the embankment’s original line breaking apart.

Anusorn plans to inform the Nonthaburi provincial governor of the situation today, following regulations. The local Bang Kruai municipality has cooperated in examining the site and warned the public to avoid the area as the mixed stones continue to shift, posing a constant danger.

Embankment collapse

Furthermore, Anusorn pointed out that he had previously raised the issue of breaches in the Chao Phraya embankment in parliament three times after being informed by locals and the municipality. The area of Bang Kruai had never experienced flooding to such an extent that it overflowed the embankment.

However, water seeping under the embankment has now been addressed by the Electrical Generating Authority of Thailand, which provided funds to fill the breaches and reinforce the embankment with gravel. The exact reason for the embankment’s failure is still unknown, pending investigation by the Irrigation Department and the funding authority, reported KhaoSod.

Should significant flooding occur, the water is likely to flow into the Bang Si Thong canal and residential areas, threatening to flood more than just the low-lying areas around the temple grounds.

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