Two caught for luxury home burglaries in Songkhla to pay off debts

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Two professional thieves were apprehended after burglarising three luxury homes in a single night, stealing valuable amulets and a Rolex watch. The duo had previously been involved with others in an armed robbery and admitted to the recent burglaries as a means to pay off debts from bail money borrowed from a friend.

The arrests were made by a team of officers from Songkhla province, led by Police Colonel Dusit Promsin, Police Lieutenant Colonel Aekaphop Muksikpak, and Police Sub-Lieutenant Saneh Pothsri, following an investigation that extended from the initial crime scene at a posh village in the Khlong Hae area to the forest where the suspects disposed of stolen items.

The breakthrough in the case came from CCTV footage that led to the identification of 32 year old Atchariya and 34 year old Samchai as the culprits. These individuals had previously been involved in a high-profile gun theft from Union Fire Arms, where 37 firearms were stolen.

The police had managed to recover all the stolen weapons after arresting the entire gang of five individuals involved in the heist.

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The recent crime spree included the theft of fake gold necklaces, remote car keys for luxury vehicles, including BMW and Mercedes, and other valuables. While some stolen items have been recovered, police are still pursuing the rest.

The suspects confessed that the motive behind their return to the burglary was to repay debts to Somsak, a 40 year old gang member involved in the previous gun robbery case. After being released on bail, they faced pressure to repay loans taken for their bail bonds, which included a 10% interest rate, reported KhaoSod.

Unfortunately for Atchariya and Somchai, their criminal activities to settle debts have led to their arrest, and this time, the possibility of bail seems unlikely due to the recurring nature of their offences. The police have taken both into custody and are proceeding with legal action for the second round of crimes they have committed.

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