Elderly woman’s buffalo herd mysteriously vanishes in Buriram

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A 72 year old woman in Buriram province reported the mysterious disappearance of her entire herd of 10 buffaloes, prompting a local rescue unit’s extensive search that unfortunately turned out fruitless. The owner, deeply worried about the financial implications of the loss, appealed to the public for help.

Buriram Highway Police Rescue Unit yesterday was alerted by the elderly woman about the sudden loss of her buffaloes, which she had intended to sell to pay off her debt with the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives. This unexpected turn of events has left her in a dire financial situation, with no clear solution at hand.

Upon receiving the report, the rescue team promptly visited the site of the incident to meet with the owner and investigate the buffalo enclosure. By local beliefs, the distressed woman lit incense sticks in front of the pen, invoking divine intervention to aid the rescue unit in locating the missing animals.

Despite a rigorous search operation that lasted approximately five hours, the team was unable to locate any of the buffaloes. The search was eventually called off, leaving unanswered questions about the whereabouts of the animals.

The owner recounted how she had always allowed the buffaloes to graze freely in the rice fields, but on May 9, they vanished without a trace and have been missing for two days.

The loss of the buffaloes has significant implications for the woman, who had planned to sell them to clear her debts. Now, with the herd gone, she faces the daunting task of finding another way to raise the necessary funds, reported Sanook.

In a heartfelt plea, she has called on anyone who might have seen the buffaloes or knows of their location to come forward with information. She has also expressed a willingness to forgive the potential thief if the animals are returned.

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