Chanthaburi philanthropist’s Mercedes-Benz sparks lottery frenzy in Roi Et

Photo: KhaoSod.

The generosity of a wealthy philanthropist from Chanthaburi sparked a lottery frenzy in Roi Et province. The benefactor donated a red-plate Mercedes-Benz, valued at 2,540,000 baht, to a revered monk, Phra Khru Udompanyasarn of Wat Ban Nong Ruea in Roi Et.

The vehicle’s registration number has now become a hot pick for lottery enthusiasts, hoping to strike it rich in the draw on October 16.

The red-plate Mercedes-Benz, bearing the registration number CH6520 from Bangkok, was handed over to the temple today. Phra Khru Udompanyasarn, widely recognised for his compassion and teachings, was a disciple of the famous Luang Pu Khun of Wat Ban Rai. The car’s donation caused a stir among the locals who believe its license plate might bring luck.

Temple committee members and disciples held a special ceremony, chanting Buddhist mantras for blessings. The attendees also invoked the deities and sacred entities of the temple during the car’s donation ceremony.

Many lottery enthusiasts present at the event took the opportunity to note down the car’s registration number for the upcoming draw, believing that the auspicious occasion may enhance their luck.

One local attendee revealed that he travelled from Ban Na Saeng in Selaphum district, Roi Et, specifically to buy lottery tickets featuring the car’s registration number. He believed the number would bring him luck as he had dreamt of it before.

He dreamt someone advised him to buy the numbers 95 and 20, which coincidentally matched the last two digits of the car’s registration number, reported KhaoSod.

A local lottery ticket seller shared that tickets bearing the car’s registration number almost sold out, with only one ticket left at the end. However, a buyer eventually came and bought the last ticket, leaving the seller’s stand completely sold out.

The ticket seller wished the buyer good luck, adding to the cheerful atmosphere surrounding the lottery frenzy event.

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