Catnapped calamity: Elderly owner’s purr-loved orange tabby taken

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A beloved orange cat was allegedly stolen by an unknown woman, leaving its elderly owner distressed and unable to eat for two days. The incident occurred near a flower shop in the Prachaniwet 3 Market, Nonthaburi province.

The flower shop owner, 40 year old Pui and the cat’s caretaker, shared the story. About two months ago, her partner, who drives a tuk tuk, picked up a passenger from Ngamwongwan Road to be dropped off at Pak Kret. Upon arrival, they discovered a kitten had sneaked onto the tuk tuk. Feeling sympathy for the tiny animal, they decided to keep it. The kitten, just over a month old, soon became a familiar sight around the flower shop, with locals frequently helping to feed it.

One day, however, the orange cat disappeared. Pui checked the CCTV footage from a nearby patongko (fried dough sticks) shop and saw a short-haired woman, about 30 years old, wearing a blue T-shirt and pink shorts, playing with the cat. The footage showed her eventually carrying the cat away. Despite locals informing her that the cat belonged to the flower shop, she did not release it.

“No one around here had seen the woman before. People tried to tell her it was our cat, but she just took it away.”

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The cat’s sudden disappearance has taken a toll on Pui’s elderly mother, who had grown attached to the animal. She has been so upset that she hasn’t eaten for two days, reported KhaoSod.

“My mother is very depressed since the cat went missing. She hasn’t been able to eat and just wants the cat to be returned.”

In related news, a female customer is suing a Japanese cat cafe for 25,000 baht after being bitten by a cat, claiming negligence from the establishment despite the immediate care provided by staff. The cafe has since provided a detailed timeline and response to the incident, which has sparked widespread debate on social media.

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