Purr-fectly unexpected: Cat-astrophe as nail tech invades cat café

Photo: Facebook, a daily.

In a fur-midable twist, ‘a Dailycats café found itself in a bit of a ‘purr-dicament’ when a customer decided to ‘pam-purr’ themselves with nail services right alongside the resident feline friends. The café, typically a meow-sterpiece of tranquillity, suddenly found itself with nail equipment ‘paws-ing’ for attention and tables ‘claw-sing’ a bit of chaos.”

The owners expressed concern for other customers and their feline inhabitants, apologising for any inconvenience caused during the afternoon hours.

The cat cafe, which serves food, drinks, and doubles as a haven for cats, took to social media to share the unusual experience. The owners stated…

“We’ve been open for seven years and this is the first time we’ve encountered such a situation.”

The cat cafe incident began when a customer ordered food and drinks as usual. However, they later started to expand tables and set up equipment, creating a professional nail service within the café.

The owners were baffled and confronted their staff to check if the technician had sought permission. The response left them more confused as the staff was unaware of the customer’s intentions to use the café for nail services.

Owners react

Upon discussing with the nail technician, the cat café owners discovered that the customer had arranged the service, assuring the technician that the café permitted such activities. The technician apologised to the café owners, who were completely unaware of the arrangement.

The cat café’s owners were not happy with the customer.

“We are not okay with this. We are primarily a café selling food, drinks, and pastries. A nail service doesn’t fit in a café due to hygiene concerns, the smell of chemicals, and space issues.”

The owners further suggested that customers seeking nail services should use private spaces or visit nail salons, which are more appropriate.

“We appreciate customers supporting our business, but they need to separate their needs appropriately.”

From that day, ‘a Daily’ decided not to allow such use of its premises and pledged to improve its services.

The incident stirred up various reactions online, with many criticising the customer’s behaviour and expressing concern for the cats in the café.

“How could they think of having a nail service in someone else’s café?”

The cat café received messages of support and concern for the resident cats, reported KhaoSod.

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