Cat-astrophe in a cup: Bangkok cat café sparks social media fur-ore

Visibly sick cats at the cat café | Photos taken from TulTitle' Tle's facebook page.

A recent social media storm erupted over a cat café in Bangkok, which stands accused of neglecting its ailing feline residents and potentially creating a haven for disease. The café’s perceived apathy towards the well-being of its cats and the potential risks to public health have ignited a wave of anger and apprehension among the online community.

The controversy flared up when a Facebook user, who goes by the name “TulTitle’ Tle,” shared her disconcerting encounter. She posted images depicting a visibly unwell cat with watery eyes at the café, raising concerns that the animal’s condition was being disregarded by the staff.

Being a cat lover herself, she expressed concern to the café via their Facebook page suggesting that the sick cat be isolated from the others. The café’s response was chilling, indicating that the sick cat had been treated with eye drops but could not be separated from the others as it would mean closing.

The response, which seemed to prioritise business over animal welfare, left the woman shocked. She felt the café was exploiting the cats for profit.

Her concerns were further heightened when she noticed similar symptoms in other cats at the café and even witnessed some with ear mites. This raised fears of a possible disease outbreak within the café, leading her to plead for intervention from relevant authorities.

The woman’s post quickly went viral, drawing an influx of comments and shares.

Many expressed their fury towards the café, condemning the treatment of the cats and urging immediate medical attention for the animals. Others shared their similar experiences of visiting the café and encountering unwell cats.

The incident has sparked a conversation about animal welfare in cafés and the need for stricter regulations to protect these animals from exploitation and neglect.

Commenting on the situation, one netizen wrote…

“Not separating them equals shutting down the café.”

Another added…

“Is money more important than the lives of cats?”

The sentiment was echoed by many others who criticised the staff for exploiting the cats and advised others not to support such establishments, reported Khaosod.

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