‘I’m lovin’ it: Couple’s McWedding fast-food feast goes viral (video)

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A wedding reception featuring fast food as the main course stirred an online debate, with the bride quickly explaining the reason behind this unconventional choice. The video of the event, featuring 27 year old groom Thomas and 25 year old bride Ophelia serving McDonald’s to their guests, has garnered over 2.3 million views on TikTok.

The video shows Ophelia picking up a microphone and gesturing toward the back of the room as the staff brought in trays of food.

The couple cheered enthusiastically, adding to the festive atmosphere. However, the reactions to the video were mixed. Some criticised the decision, suggesting a more suitable menu could have been chosen, while others praised the couple’s budget-saving strategy.

“I would have been happier with pasta and salmon.”

“What kind of madness is this?”

“I would rather eat McDonald’s than be in debt for years because of the wedding budget.”

The couple reportedly ordered 300 burgers, wraps, and nuggets from the fast-food chain, spending nearly 1,000 euros (38,000 baht).

In an interview with local media, Ophelia revealed she is a picky eater who was worried about not liking the food at her wedding. She believed that if they were going to spend the money, it should be on something they enjoyed. The older relatives at the event initially seemed a bit confused, but in the end, everyone ate the food, reported Khaosod. Ophelia revealed her reasoning behind the McDonald’s choice.

“I was afraid we would spend money on something we didn’t like. If you’re going to spend money, you should get something you enjoy.”

Thomas supported his wife.

“People who know us know that we love this kind of food above anything else. And above all, we didn’t have a huge budget.”

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