Cambodian worker crushed by cement in crane accident

Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

A 28 year old Cambodian worker was crushed beneath a cascade of cement bags at approximately 10am today at a condominium construction site in Nonthaburi.

Upon arrival at the site in Sai Noi district, responders were met with a harrowing sight: the victim, identified as Cambodian worker Boonharn Cherm, lay motionless on the ground floor, her life cut short by injuries to her neck and chest. A preliminary investigation revealed the grim circumstances surrounding her death.

According to a statement provided to the police by a staff member, Boonharn had been engaged in the task of transporting 50-kilogramme bags of cement to a wooden pallet earmarked for lifting to the fourth floor by a crane truck. The operation, however, took a tragic turn when the pallet suddenly tilted, causing the cement-laden bags to plummet to the ground below, fatally crushing Boonharn in an instant. The crane truck driver, a 41 year old Cambodian man, fled the scene following the incident.

The victim’s husband, Kia Charoen, recounted the horrific ordeal. Having toiled alongside his wife at the construction site for approximately four months, he recounted how Boonharn had loaded five bags of cement onto the ill-fated pallet before it was hoisted into the air. As he waited on the fourth floor to receive the load, tragedy struck with unforgiving force as the pallet tilted, unleashing a torrent of cement bags that claimed his wife’s life, reported Bangkok Post.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are pursuing leads to locate and apprehend the crane driver who fled the scene.

In related news, the site of the Chon Buri Provincial Administration Organisation was the scene of a construction mishap on February 12 as an 80-tonne crane dramatically overturned, causing severe damage to a parked pickup truck. The unfortunate incident occurred within the confines of an ongoing five-storey office building project, marking yesterday as a day of unexpected peril.

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