Burmese worker’s hand minced in meat grinder in Chon Buri

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A 20 year old Burmese woman accidentally activated a meat grinder while cleaning it, resulting in a gruesome hand injury. The incident occurred at 10.30am today, July 9, at a dumpling shop in Bang Sai Market, Ban Bueng, Chon Buri province.

Rescue workers from the Sinlatham Ban Bueng Foundation received a distress call about a foreign worker’s hand being trapped in a meat grinder. Upon arrival, they found Thipaporn Sinapa, a Myanmar national, with her hand stuck in the grinder.

She was visibly fatigued and in severe pain due to blood loss. Her right hand was crushed up to the elbow. The rescue team used a wrench to free her hand from the machine and administered first aid before rushing her to Ban Bueng Hospital.

A co-worker who witnessed the event explained that the grinder was used to mix dumpling fillings. After completing their task, they turned off the machine to clean it. It is believed that Thipaporn may have accidentally hit the switch, causing the grinder to activate and trap her hand.

Wan, a colleague, recounted that she and the injured worker were on opposite sides of the grinder. While Thipaporn was cleaning the machine, her other hand might have inadvertently hit the switch, causing the grinder to start.

Wan didn’t realise what had happened until she heard Thipaporn’s loud cries for help. Wan immediately ran to unplug the machine, but it was too late—the grinder had already pulled Thipaporn’s hand inside, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, in a heart-wrenching incident at the Vandapac factory in Chon Buri province on March 27, a routine day turned fatal when a robotic arm struck a worker, crushing him to death. The unsuspecting worker was going about his duties, laying out sheets of material, when tragedy struck most unexpectedly.

In other news, a construction worker tragically fell to his death while securing a crane cable at a site in Phitsanulok.

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