Family tragedy in Yasothon after consuming poisonous mushrooms

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A tragic incident involving the consumption of poisonous mushrooms left a family in Yasothon devastated after mother and son fell ill after eating the mushrooms, leading to the mother’s death and, subsequently, the son’s passing after a 10-day hospitalisation.

Today, July 9, relatives gathered at a temple in Mueang Yasothon district, Yasothon province, to hold a funeral for 46 year old Pornchai. Both he and his mother consumed poisonous mushrooms, resulting in their severe illness.

Pornchai succumbed to his condition at Yasothon Hospital at 1.35am yesterday, July 8, marking the fourth death from poisonous mushrooms in the province within a month.

Reports indicate that the tragic incident began on June 29 when Pornchai and his mother, 78 year old Chuen prepared and ate a mixed mushroom dish. The mushrooms were collected from the forest area.

Chuen recounted to neighbours that Pornchai had prepared the mushrooms but she was unsure if they were adequately cooked. She noted that the mushrooms seemed crunchy, unlike properly cooked ones.

By 8pm that evening, Chuen began experiencing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and chest tightness. Despite her deteriorating condition, she refused to go to the hospital. The next day, at around noon, Pornchai also started showing symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhoea. Relatives called an ambulance, and both were taken to Yasothon Hospital.

Food poisoning

Chuen’s condition worsened, and she passed away at 3am on July 1. Her funeral was held on July 3. Meanwhile, Pornchai’s health continued to decline, requiring intubation and intensive care. He ultimately passed away yesterday. Medical examinations confirmed that both mother and son suffered from food poisoning caused by consuming the poisonous mushrooms.

A nephew of the deceased, 30 year old Kan, explained that Pornchai lived with his mother and was an expert in foraging wild mushrooms, which he frequently sold and cooked for his mother. However, this time he unknowingly collected poisonous mushrooms, leading to the tragic loss of both lives.

Kan urged others to be cautious and avoid consuming or selling mushrooms unless they are certain of their safety to prevent similar tragedies. She released a warning about consuming mushrooms caught in the wild.

“If you are not experienced with mushrooms or suspect they might be poisonous, it is better not to consume or sell them. This incident has caused an irreplaceable loss in our family.”

This incident marks the fourth mushroom-induced food poisoning fatality in Yasothorn this month. From January 1 to July 7, the province recorded 82 cases of mushroom poisoning, with an incidence rate of 19.07 per 100,000 people. Comparatively, this year’s figures are double those of the same period last year, indicating a significant rise in such cases, reported KhaoSod.

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