Brutal assault on Udon Thani schoolgirl triggers national outrage and cries for justice

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A 13 year old schoolgirl was subjected to a brutal assault at a school in Udon Thani, instigated by jealous animosities over a schoolboy. The victim’s inconsolable mother and uncle, having seen a horrifying video clip of the incident on social media, pledged to seek justice to the fullest extent of the law.

The 44 year old mother of the victim, Lek, and the girl’s uncle, Cherdpong, yesterday filed a case against their child’s tormentors at Dong Yen Police Station. They were met by Police Lieutenant Jamlong Thabsikaew, the deputy inspector of Don Yen Police Station, who conducted the initial questioning and agreed to issue the medical examination letter for Ban Dung Hospital.

In the video footage of the assault, a girl can be seen repeatedly beating another girl in the face, using her elbow and knee, while the victim is seen pleading for mercy. The netizens who commented on the video in large numbers condemned the behaviour as savagely excessive. The father of the young perpetrator offered an apology, stating that he was disappointed by his daughter’s conduct, and explained that she had behavioural problems and was disobedient. He also pleaded for the matter not to be pursued legally, reported KhaoSod.

Lek stated that she only learnt of the incident from her brother. After viewing the video, she felt disgusted with such behaviour and vowed to pursue justice against the culprits who had harmed her daughter.

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Following the incident, she questioned her daughter further, who confessed to communicating with the boy in question. Considering her daughter’s usually quiet and introverted nature, Lek was shocked. The mother also alluded to the motive behind the assault: her daughter was accused of engaging with the attacker’s boyfriend.

After being contacted to comment on the incident, the school principal refused to give an interview. However, the statement mentioned that the school had not yet seen the video or been informed of the situation, but assured that if the accusations were proven, the school has established procedures to handle such cases.

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