Major drug dealer killed in Thai police operation: 233 meth pills found on body

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A notorious drug dealer yesterday met a violent end at his abode in the Mae Tha district of Lamphun province. Police closed in on the house hoping to execute an arrest warrant only to encounter gunfire from the suspect who tried to make a daring escape.

At approximately 4.30pm, Police Lieutenant Colonal Sampran Janmangkang, chief of Tha Khat Police Station, received a performance report of a mission gone south. While carrying out a drug-related arrest warrant, law enforcement officers encountered a jeopardising situation when the drug dealer drew a weapon and opened fire at them. The dramatic showdown occurred near a residential area in the Mae Tha subdistrict.

A 55 year old man was found dead with a bag sling strap around his neck. His body bore signs of multiple gunshot wounds triggered by the officer’s retaliatory action. Next to his right hand lay a magazine-equipped gun, believed to be his weapon of contention in the fight. In his bag, officers discovered 233 methamphetamine pills, reported KhaoSod.

Earlier, investigative police officers collaborated with a squad from Special Operation Division 33 and local administrative officials to surround the deceased’s residence. The man was implicated in drug trafficking and had a standing warrant from Lamphun provincial court. His nefarious operations had penetrated the teen community whom he served with crystal methamphetamine.

The deceased attempted to evade arrest by running towards the back of his house and initiated the gunfight to pave the way for his escape. One bullet from his chamber met reversing shots from the officers, resulting in his demise.

Post the stand-off, the authorities dispatched the body to hospital and continued with their investigation according to the legal procedure.

The family was later allowed to claim the deceased and perform religious rites. The situation sheds light on the violence embedded in illicit drug operations and the dangers law enforcement personnel face while upholding the rule of law.

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